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Play Crazy Scientist. Crazy Scientist is an online free game where you can play as a crazy scientist. Run around the lab and catch your crazy experiments and make sure you avoid the devil! Be the best scientist and win the game! Play now!

Crazy Scientist is a brand new online game where you can play as a crazy scientist. The lab is full of dangerous experiments, but that doesn't mean you need to be afraid of them! Just run behind the scenes and make sure you avoid the devil that would destroy your experiment collection!

Play Crazy Scientist! You have to be a bit crazy to become a scientist. But it's good to let the inner scientist come out once in a while. At Crazy Scientist, you can have endless fun playing as the only person we know that could end up bringing down the world - but he's on our side! Run around with your radioactivity gun and make sure you avoid getting caught by The Devil while catching your experiments! Remember, you're being graded on how quickly you collect even more radioactive disasters, so speed is key here. If you win, you'll go down in history for being labeled 'the fastest scientist in existence'.

You can now become a mad scientist in your free time! Be the most awe-inspiring inventor of all time by running around and catching your crazy science experiments as you try to avoid the devil. You must own this game if you enjoy being a scientist/entrepreneur or just plain like video games, so take advantage of this opportunity and play now!





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