Number Arrange

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Solving puzzles has a great benefit, it increases brain production of dopamine. It also affects learning, memory, concentration, and motivation. Number Arrange: It is a puzzle game in which you have to arrange the boxes by swapping the boxes to make a proper order of the numbers . Number box always gives you a challenge and gives you freshness. Solve Number box puzzle to stay active in puzzle world. Features: Number Box puzzle game has many boxes, each of them contain a specific number. Here are some features that Number Box provides - Display Timer and move count Set difficulty levels Recreate the board or shuffle the boxes Easy to use interface Levels: Number Box takes care about beginners so it helps the user to set there own difficulty. Levels are - Easy - (3×3) grid Normal - (4×4) grid Hard - (5×5) grid Extreme - (6x6) grid Insane - (7×7) grid


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